Recognitions & Awards

Smart Communities Conference

The TRAFAIR project has been selected for presentation at the Smart Communities Conference from more than 90 applications received.
The conference is an Italian national event aimed at promoting the best innovation solutions for more resilient and intelligent communities.
The conference was held online on 13 April 2021.

Best Paper Award

The paper “Automatic publication of Open Data from OGC services: the use case of TRAFAIR project“, funded by TRAFAIR, has been awarded as one of the best papers of the Twelfth International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services (GEOProcessing 2020), held in Valencia (Spain), 21-25 November 2020. This work proposes a workflow for the publication of Open Spatial Data, whose main contribution is the automatic generation of metadata extracted from OGC spatial services providing access to feature types and coverages.
The paper is available at this link, you can also have a look at the slides of the presentation.

II Premio X Aire Limpio

The cities of Santiago de Compostela and Zaragoza have been awarded the II Prize for a Clean Air (II Premio X Aire Limpio – organized by the Platform for a Clean Air (
The prize recognizes municipalities engaged in the air quality of their city and gives visibility to these practices as a stimulus for other cities.
Santiago de Compostela was selected among the cities with less than 100k inhabitants, while Zaragoza was awarded among the cities with more than 100k people.

The panel of the prize, composed of high prestige researchers and air quality related professional associations, highlighted the number of proposals received and also their quality. The panel recognized the scientific rigor of the proposals and the use of new technologies to develop innovative and sustainable services to produce robust and reliable information. They also highlighted the cooperation between public administrations and universities from Spain and Italy.

Sustainable PA Award

The TRAFAIR project received the “Sustainable PA Award. 100 projects to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda“.
The “Sustainable PA Award” (original name “Premio PA sostenibile. 100 progetti per raggiungere gli obiettivi dell’Agenda 2030”) is an initiative promoted by Forum PA in collaboration with ASviS, within the FORUM PA 2019 event (May 14-16, 2019), aimed at collecting the best projects/concrete products that embrace sustainable utopia and can help Italy, and in particular each local area, face the many weaknesses of the current development model, choosing a path of sustainable growth to follow up to 2030 and beyond.
TRAFAIR received the award among projects in the area “city, infrastructure and social capital“.
This award aims to improve and publicize sustainability projects for public administrations.
See the presentation of the project at the event here.