Activity 2 – Devise and Organize an Urban Sensor Network

Activity Leader: Michela Paolucci (UNIFI)

The goal of Activity 2 is to analyze and improve the urban sensor networks available in each local area in order to obtain more precise data to enrich the traffic flow and air pollution dispersion models. To this aim, some low-cost air quality monitoring sensors will be distributed to collect data in the region of Tuscany (in the cities of Florence, Pisa, Livorno), Modena, Zaragoza, and Santiago de Compostela. Moreover, protocols and plans in order to access and transfer the data produced by the sensors and in order to maintain and calibrate the sensors will be defined to be followed after their installation.

The technical partners UNIMORE, UNIZAR, USC, CESGA, and the local data providers CMO, TR, CSC, LP coordinated by UNIFI are involved in this Activity.

Activity 2 includes the following tasks:
Task 2.1 Urban sensor network analysis – Task Leader: Nicola Mitolo (UNIFI)
Task 2.2 Sensor data acquisition – Task Leader: David Martinez (USC)
Task 2.3 Maintenance and calibration of sensors – Task Leader: Alessandro Bigi (UNIMORE)