Activity 1 – Identification of Relevant Input Data

Activity Leader: Laura Po (UNIMORE)

The goal of Activity 1 is to collect the data required as input for the traffic flow model and air pollution dispersion model in each of the concerned cities. Data will include road network, weather forecasts, anthropogenic emission sources, vehicular fleet composition, 3D models of the urban areas, etc. All this information will be collected in a unified dataset also taking into account the most diffused smart city ontologies.

The technical partners UNIFI, UNIZAR, USC, and the local data providers CMO, TR, CSC
coordinated by UNIMORE are involved in this Activity.

Activity 1 includes the following tasks:
Task 1.1 Survey and Analysis of the available/relevant data (sources of pollution, weather forecast, traffic data etc.) – Task Leader: Laura Po (UNIMORE)
Task 1.2 Development of tools for the automatic/semi-automatic population of a unified input dataset – Task Leader: Federica Rollo (UNIMORE)