Activity 5 – Use case implementation

Activity Leader: Raquel Trillo Lado (UNIZAR)

The goal of this activity is to develop two end-user mobile applications to raise public awareness on urban air pollution, and two monitoring tools providing information on the air quality and traffic situation in the concerned 6 cities. The applications will allow users to obtain personalized information (e.g. alerts and recommendations) and trajectory analysis (estimation of the exposure to pollutants when the user follows a specific path within the city). The tools will also be used for simulating new hypothesis of circulation (such as changes in the urban fleet of vehicles, the increase of low-emission vehicles etc.) and studying the air quality impacts that will be generated. Moreover, effective air quality maps will be displayed to analyze and estimate the diffusion of pollutants in the urban area.

The technical partners USC, UNIMORE, UNIFI, CESGA and the local data providers CMO, TR, and CSC, coordinated by UNIZAR, are involved in this Activity.

Activity 5 includes the following tasks:
Task 5.1 Development of end-user mobile applications – Task Leader: Javier Fabra (UNIZAR)
Task 5.2 Development of tools for public administrations – Task Leader: Chiara Bachechi (UNIMORE)
Task 5.3 Display of urban air pollution maps – Task Leader: Javier Nogueras Iso (UNIZAR)